'You are at once both the quiet and the confusion of my heart.'

Franz Kafka

SS19 sees Blindness dissect the subject of 'First Love' and the incomparable vulnerability of those who experience it. 

To anyone, first love is full of curiosity and confusion, naivety and emotional turmoil, and an ultimate lack of control. Yet reversely, it is something so natural and needs no justification.

Designers encapsulate these conflicting emotions of love through the juxtaposition of untraditional fabrics, jumping from firm to soft, with a mix of atypical layering. Romantic sensibilities are seen through exaggerated and amorphous silhouettes, flowing tulle and hints of opulent costume. The dream-like and fantastical influence of first love is realized through decadent patterns, castle-like ruffles and BLINDNESS's signature use of pearls in accessories. 

Above all, the collection has a clear and precise message in its defiance of sociological binary norms and aims to be gender-fluid, cross-cultural and unafraid of self-expression. Designers hope to evoke the value of diversity in love and continue to challenge cultural and political values through their SS19 collection.