“Control through Clothing.” 

Mixed clothing may express an individual and power or the change of  power and contradiction at the same time.

This collection has been inspired by ‘The Handmaid’s Tale,’ a dystopian novel written by Margaret Atwood, which portrays a society that controls and classifies characters through clothing.

Accordingly, the collection for the FW19 season sought to express a society that is controlled and classified by clothing.

Classifying and expressing an individual based on his or her uniform, such as a military, prison, or school uniform that provides information on country, gender, social class, or occupation, may be a practical and clear way of control.

Questions on what would happen if clothing is controlled more intensely and represents many more matters, or what would happen if no control is exerted over clothing were considered for the FW19 collection.

This collection did not place a gender distinction in clothing, pursuant to the “gender fluid” nature of BLINDNESS. The appearance of silhouettes that can be free and beautiful regardless of who wears the clothes is noticeable in the FW19 season.

This FW19 collection of BLINDNESS creates an experimental collection that breaks the boundaries of social rules that have been formed and regulated.

This collection sought to express diversity by using various patterns, such as tartan plaid, houndstooth, and floral prints, while mixing heavy materials with light materials. In addition to the mixed materials, this collection interpreted the mood of BLINDNESS based on the strong features from military design.