Picasso's 'Guernica' and 'Massacre en Corée'.


Art pieces 'Guernica’and ‘Massacre en Corée’ of Pablo Picasso use sharp white and black lines that expresses the cruelty of war.


Children covering Pablo Picasso's Guernica with variety of colors and it changes over to a peaceful work.


Purity of children changing war into a peace through color is the inspiration to the 2018 F/W of BLINDNESS. 




The Bomber jacket is the signature item of BLINDNESS. 

It was once used as military uniform and also the piece itself looks very masculine. 

However previous seasons it has been expressed with genderless mood in BLINDESS. 

2018 F/W is based on military uniforms such as trench coat or bomber jacket. 

It is breaking the boundary of the gender by adding ruffles and curved lines in the clothing.

Flower has a power of hope, peace.

Using flower pattern linings that contrast with war it shows the 'hope inside of battlefield'.

 There are unclear distinguishment of  lining and upper, It is reversible. Hope and peace can cover the war.   

The Republic of Korea and Democratic People's Republic of Korea are the only devided nations exist on earth. 

Even though our generation did not experience this war, we know how cruel it is

by studying and listening from the ones who actually experienced the war. 

BLINDNESS think fashion is not only clothes, but the culture that spread messages.


Hope this season spreads the message of hope as like the message of breaking the gender role.